Who is behind adro.codes?

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My name is Adriaan but I commonly go by AJ. I am a Senior Engineer at Southpaw. Previously, I worked at Merkle Australia, where I worked on a JAMStack accelerator. This solution is currently closed source but I intend to outline learnings of this solution in the papers published here.

What can you expect from these papers?

I have been experimenting and developing headless solutions for the past 5 years, over that time I have found good, alright and bad ways of building products/websites. I am hoping through reading some of my papers you'll find some guidance on the best way to implement a feature or what to consider when building certain experiences. The information in these papers will be coming from experience and solutions I have been apart of. Although I won't be able to talk about most clients directly, I should be able to give an overview of the client and problems we were trying to solve.

The papers may become slightly technical at times however, I want to make each technology agnostic, allowing you to take the advice to any framework/language.

I am also hoping to take a more casual approach to writing papers, there will be technical drawings, pseudo-code but, there will also be the odd joke or remark to make the reading a bit more entertaining.

I hope you enjoy the content. If you want to create about more tutorial/blog based content check out adro.codes (beta).

To get started, check out my latest paper;

Module Driven Development

Make the move towards developing feature-rich reusable modules instead of once-off components with undetermined dependencies. Module Driven Development aims to move the focus away from code briefly and focus on the cohesion of the codebase.


11 Jul 2022/Engineers